Meet the Team

"All art is an act of faith — a faith that life itself, with all its tragedies and flaws, can be improved by creating something new and putting it out into the world." - M.H. Miller


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Mark's photography career began two decades ago, soaked in developer and wrapped in hand-wound rolls of film.  Today, Mark is pursuing local social improvement through imagery, helping the unseen become visible. He volunteers with the El Segundo Museum of Art (ESMoA), supports El Segundo for Black Lives, and is presently serving on the El Segundo Arts & Culture Council (ACC). 

His photographs have appeared in galleries and magazines (including numerous times in the El Segundo Scene), won contests, and become treasured family memories.

If you're interested in developing a concept together, or would just like to reach out, please contact me using the Contact link above.


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Briana is a user experience and graphic designer. 

"Creating with purpose excites me. As a child, I learned the impact of art through my family’s heritage in ceramics arts in Jing de Zhen, China. Growing up at the intersection of spoken Mandarin and Cantonese, and later as an international student in both America and the Netherlands, I saw how design transcends language and solve real life problems. When not immersing myself in design, I enjoy biking, skateboarding, dancing, hiking, playing ping pong in VR, painting, and drawing cat cartoons."

To learn more, visit her portfolio online here:

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